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Founded in 2016, BMYG Capital Pty Ltd (BMYG Capital) is an Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) licensed company (AFSL No. 505332) providing trustee, corporate licensing, investment management, and fund administration services to institutional and wholesale clients.

The team at BMYG Capital has extensive experience in delivering various financial services and wholesale funds management. We are here to help empower financial services and investment funds providers by appointing them authorised representatives and providing them with support and peace of mind. BMYG Capital is renowned for being able to provide clients with much-needed flexibility, commerciality and services, while at all times maintaining the highest level of ongoing governance and compliance. BMYG Capital possesses collaborative skills to work smoothly with an array of legal partners, banking platforms, tax specialists to service its existing client base and be able to provide a solution design encased within an integrated workflow, ensuring increased visibility and audit into the lifecycle of the task, you will never feel frustrated running your business and reaching your business goals.

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