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BMYG Capital assists various professional investment managers by providing them with our expertise and services. With our gracious assistance and services, investment managers can focus on their core business without frustration. We provide personalised services with a dedicated experienced account manager, and appoint compliance personnel who are responsible for the compliance, transaction, administrative and accounting support matters. The biggest highlight is that BMYG Capital has full in-house media functions and marketing solutions, which will definitely assist you with large-scale complimentary product promotions.

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Trustee &


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Fund Administration

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Corporate Licensing

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BMYG Capital provides trustee services to investment managers targeting wholesale and institutional investors. We assist in the establishment of funds to optimise the fund structure and the trust deed, enter into investment management agreements and agreements with service providers, and approve, and issue the offer document. Where we are providing incidental custody services we will open and manage the trust bank account.

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BMYG Capital looks after the day-to-day administration of the fund including the processing of applications, payment of distributions, fund accounting, compliance, and client services.


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As a financial services provider, we know that getting an AFSL is a must for running a financial practice but not everyone can afford it. However, don’t think that, as an AFSL holder, we will take advantage of your situation. BMYG Capital provides a comprehensive licensing solution for professional financial practice and strives to add value and convenience to your financial practice. We will help you grow professionally and provide you with all the necessary instruments so you would not feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You can rely on our expertise and ongoing AFSL assistance while delegating us licensing, marketing, compliance, and technical support.

fund administration
corporate license
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